Dev Diary #8 – Lantry

In our last dev update, we introduced you to Verse of the Scarlet Chorus. Originally we intended to discuss the Bronze Age nature of our world for this update, including some talk of itemization, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to put that together this week. So instead, we’re going to introduce you to another… Continue reading Dev Diary #8 – Lantry

Trial by Iron

Greetings from the Narrative Design team! I’m here to bring you another story from the world of Tyranny. “Trial by Iron” showcases Barik, one of the Fatebinder’s companion characters first introduced in a prior Dev Diary. As the entry describes, Barik is trapped in a rusted-together suit of iron scrap. He’s a mess. The literal… Continue reading Trial by Iron

Dev Diary #7 – Verse

In our last update, we introduced you to Barik of the Stone Shields, one of your potential Companions. This week, we wanted to show you the other side of the coin, so to speak. Meet Verse, a fierce warrior with ties to the Scarlet Chorus. Verse represents the bravado of the Scarlet Chorus. She’s constantly… Continue reading Dev Diary #7 – Verse

The Archon’s Voice

Hello, tyrants! I’m only too pleased to introduce The Archon’s Voice – the third of our short stories highlighting the world of Tyranny (Previously released: Under New Management and Commission). This story introduces the Voices of Nerat, the enigmatic leader of the Scarlet Chorus and one of our game’s powerful Archons. I had a difficult time… Continue reading The Archon’s Voice

Dev Diary #5 – Combat

Hello, everyone! In our last dev update, I mentioned that we’d start talking more about gameplay systems and combat after E3. So let’s get to it! I’ve mentioned what combat in Tyranny will be like in several interviews. But for those of you who haven’t read any of those, here are some highlights: Our combat… Continue reading Dev Diary #5 – Combat