The Songbird

During the year I’ve spent writing Sirin’s dialogue, I’ve gotten very attached to (and protective of) her. This is a weird thing to say because every time I sit down to flesh out her story, invariably something horrible happens to her. I can’t help it, I want to see how she’ll react to the terrible… Continue reading The Songbird

Dev Diary #10 – Eb

In our last developer update, we introduced you to the Beasts and the Bane, two races that inhabit the world of Terratus alongside humanity. For this week’s update, we’re going to introduce you to another of your potential Companions – the Tidecaster Eb. Eb is a member of an order of mages that study manipulation… Continue reading Dev Diary #10 – Eb

Dev Diary #8 – Lantry

In our last dev update, we introduced you to Verse of the Scarlet Chorus. Originally we intended to discuss the Bronze Age nature of our world for this update, including some talk of itemization, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to put that together this week. So instead, we’re going to introduce you to another… Continue reading Dev Diary #8 – Lantry

Trial by Iron

Greetings from the Narrative Design team! I’m here to bring you another story from the world of Tyranny. “Trial by Iron” showcases Barik, one of the Fatebinder’s companion characters first introduced in a prior Dev Diary. As the entry describes, Barik is trapped in a rusted-together suit of iron scrap. He’s a mess. The literal… Continue reading Trial by Iron

Dev Diary #7 – Verse

In our last update, we introduced you to Barik of the Stone Shields, one of your potential Companions. This week, we wanted to show you the other side of the coin, so to speak. Meet Verse, a fierce warrior with ties to the Scarlet Chorus. Verse represents the bravado of the Scarlet Chorus. She’s constantly… Continue reading Dev Diary #7 – Verse